How does this work?

Basically we collect money from the subscribers; enable access to all plugins on our private npm server to those subscribers. Then monthly we distribute ~80% of all the monies to the developers. There is a ~20% that goes to admin, subscription fees, server costs, etc; this is also far lower than the industry standard of 30%.

How do we use the funds?

Basically this is really simple, from ALL monies we receive:

  • we take 20% to pay for the servers, administration and any other fees.
  • We take 40% and apply it to the Author Pool
  • We take the remaining 40% and apply it to the Contributor pool

What is the Author pool?

The author pool is the monies we use to pay all authors and mergers. All PR's need a second set of eyes, so the Author's and Mergers all take a cut from the author pool.

Each month we calculate the number of shares (or slices) of the pool of money. For every plugin that an author has in the ProPlugins program they get one share of this pool. For every merge done, the merger gets one share of this pool.

So if the author pool has $1000 dollars, and we have 5 plugins and 5 merges this month. That is a total of 10 shares this month. $1000/10 = $100. So each plugin would get $100, and each merge would get $100.

The merger can be the author. It is the mergers job to test the merge and verify the plugin fully works after a merge. However, if the author creates a PR someone else MUST merge it for him, if he merges it -- he does NOT get a merge share. (We really want 2 sets of eyes on all PR's, but authors have an exception to this rule in Phase 1)

What is the contributor pool?

This is basically the same idea as the author pool; but it is only for those contributors who created a PR that was merged that month.

The reason that we have TWO separate pools, is to try and make the contributors percentage of the pool higher per PR. He only get a single one time payment for his work.

Taking the above example, if there were 5 merges, that means there are 5 PR's. Since that pool was $1000, this pool would also be $1000. $1000 / 5 = $200. Each PR would be worth $200. Again, since we are looking for 2 sets of eyes on all PRs, a PR cannot be merged by the same person (Excluding an authors' own commit).

Who can contribute?

Anyone can contribute, in fact we love community PRs! However, unless you are accepted as a developer, with developer rights in ProPlugins, you unfortunately cannot claim any contributor monies. I know this really sucks; the overhead of trying to get tax information and track people with one or two merges per year; it becomes too costly. We want to keep the admin fee's low, we have decided this is where we have to draw a line.

However with that said, we are strongly considering allowing those in the community that does a PR, to pick one of a couple charities and we will donate a percentage to that charity. This part is still being worked out fully; this seems to be the best way to make your contribution count without adding huge administration fees. If you have committed 6 or more decent PR's please contact us and point to all of them and we will strongly consider adding you to the actual developers list so you can collect from the contributors pool!

Who can Join as an author?

At this moment, it is on a contact us basis. I do believe currently, we will cap you at having to commit to submitting at least 5 high quality plugins so that we can keep the administration cost down. But if you have a spectacular plugin, we will bend the rules! In the future, the plan is we will start an advisory board that will vote on each authors inclusion. Which will be based on the quality of your plugins.

How many plugins can I submit?

At this moment, we aren't that picky. You can submit as many of your plugins that have the following requirements.

  • NativeScript-Core demo
  • Documentation.
  • Supports NativeScript 6.x & 7.x
  • Currently bug free (i.e. no known issues, or they have easy workaround)
  • Add the ProPlugins & your branding to it.
  • There are some additional suggestions w/ instruction to try and make the transition to ProPlugins smoother, but they are not requirements.

In the future, we will start an advisory board with several of the plugin authors in the program. They will test, verify and vote on including them. In addition we might at some point rank plugins for Author shares, on if a plugin deserves a full share or part of a share, depending on complexity. This is still in discussion phases with all the authors, so this is not firm.

Can my plugins be removed?

Currently if the quality of your plugin suffers, and no contributors help to fix it, then the plugin will go into a warning status.
If you plugin is still not fixed in the next month; it will be de-listed from NPM until it can be fixed. Please note, that any PRs and merges on your plugin will still count for shares; but there will NOT be any author shares.

In addition, if a plugin does not get any more than a single person downloading it, it will go into the same no-share state. This will allow the plugin to remain, but not suck up any resources since it is not being used by people. In the future if it starts being used again; it will regain the ability to collect money from the pools. The advisory committee can also vote to remove a plugin. On what grounds, I really can't say -- but this needs to be left open in case we can think of a valid reason.

Finally, you have the right to remove any plugin of yours.

Can I be removed?

Excellent question. Yes.

If you start abusing the community, or become a liability, you can be removed as a developer from ProPlugins.
We will attempt to warn you first, so you can make corrective actions -- but there might be things that the advisory committee believes is heinous enough for immediate expelling..

In the event you are removed; the advisory committee will decide if your plugins can stay (and you can still collect Author shares); or if your plugins can stay and you don't, or if your plugins are removed.

Please note, if you are forced to leave you also have the right to remove your plugins.

If I submit a plugin, what rights do I have?

All of them! You are free to sell support, the actual plugin, jump up and down. Host it on a 100% public repo, sync the private repo with a public one every so often.

The plugin is still yours.